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Teachers’ Professional Development Programmes

To help music teachers keep up with the ever-changing standards and demands of today’s teaching environments, we recommend the two professional development programmes listed in the following pages.



Music Academy Training

Participants will receive advanced music education trainings at some of the world-leading music schools. The programmes are a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences in a target-oriented style, to readily strengthen and equip the participants with the world’s most successful music pedagogies and skills.

Cultural Heritage Site Visits and Excursions

We will also design a tailor-made itinerary that suits your needs best – to discover the artistic and intellectual legacies and cultures of nearby cities and countries by visiting heritage sites, past musicians’ residences, museums, opera houses etc, we deliver a comprehensive and inspiring experience of our musical and multicultural world to the teachers.


open weekend at the magical workshop of Cantemus

Over the years – as a beacon town of Zoltán Kodály principles of music education – Nyíregyháza in Hungary, has become a place of musical pilgrimage for choral conductors, teachers and specialists of music education. The Cantemus Choral Institute holds a biennial open weekend programme which is designed for teachers of absolutely any level to gain invaluable insights into the world class music education in Nyíregyháza, Hungary, which is a living testimony to the reality truth and effectiveness of the Kodály Music Education Philosophy.


During the course, participants will be introduced to the secrets of such detailed and refined methodologies as well as given opportunities to see the big picture of the whole concept, the complete structure of the system and the solidity of the Kodaly principle – the ‘Nyíregyháza secret’ as foreigners often call it.


Sample Course Content:

  • Music lesson observations in grades 1 – 8 (6 – 14 years ago )

  • Choir rehearsal observations (Cantemus Children’s Choir, Pro Musica Girls’ Choir, Cantemus Mixed Choir etc.)

  • Seminars – sample topic:  

Choral Sound Production : Voice coaching and warm up, intonation, repertoire and other secrets of high standard performances

  • Workshops: choir leadership skills, rehearsal management, solfeggio and conducting in practice

  • Concerts by various vocal/instrumental ensembles at Cantemus

International Academy of Musical Arts (IAMA)

Teachers’ Professional Development Programme

IAMA’s offers cutting-edge and tailor-made music learning and teaching programmes. Their instructors are teachers at the Monash University and musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.




Suitable for...

Students or teachers

1+1 concept

pre-tour online courses + on-site training tour

The online course provides the foundational knowledge necessary for maximising the teachers’ learning while in Australia. The online course are more "theoretical" lessons but it would then be balanced with the more "practical" lessons in the physical tour so that teacher can apply the methods that they have learnt. Participants can also choose whether they would like to play in a concert at the end. Is it also possible to add some sightseeing and cultural activities (e.g. attend concerts, exhibitions).


Sample Course Content:

  • Educational Psychology

  • Putting Teaching Methods into Action

  • Alexander Technique

  • Historically-informed Performance Practice and Editions

  • Developing an Interpretative Voice

  • Teaching Sight-Reading and Aural Training Methods

  • The Importance of Ensemble Playing

  • Lesson Planning and Concert Programming

  • Repertoire Selection and Research Tools

  • Public Concert