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Music Festival Competition Tours

As an experienced music tour organizer in Hong Kong, solely authorized by multiple international music festivals, we are competent at training and tour arrangement for international music festivals. These festivals are strongly supported by local governments and departments for culture.


Programming & Commissioning Advice

Our Artistic Director, together with the Consultants, will provide competition-specific programming advice based on the level of the group and the competition requirements. We can also source and commission respected composers to create new works to showcase the characteristics and strengths of the team.


Pre-competition Masterclasses

We will arrange overseas experts to hold masterclasses at the group’s base before departure and at the competition location after arrival. The conductor and members will receive interpretation advice on the pieces and invaluable trainings on performance skills to further enhance the group’s quality for the competition.

Festival Activities & Workshops

In addition to competitions, groups can attend arts workshops, such as experiencing folk music and dance and making traditional handicrafts, exchange with other participating groups through friendly performances etc. to learn to appreciate different cultures and make connections with people from around the world.


Cultural Heritage Site Visits and Excursions

We will also design a tailor-made itinerary that suits your needs best – to discover the artistic and intellectual legacies and cultures of nearby cities and countries by visiting heritage sites, past musicians’ residences, museums, opera houses etc. By completing a simple travelogue, students can summarize their learning achievements in the trip.

Australian International Music Festival (Sydney)

Running for more than twenty years, the Australian International Music Festival is fully supported by the Minister for the Arts and the New South Wales Government in Australia. Established as the most outstanding festival in the south pacific area, it celebrates inspiring adjudicated performances, workshops and international cultural sharing at some of Sydney’s most iconic buildings such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Town Hall and St Andrew’s Cathedral. Together with excursions to various museums and zoos with kangaroos and koalas (exclusive in Australia!), the Festival aims to enhance and broaden participants’ cultural horizons. Through which, it is to nurture and support a new generation of fine performers and young leaders.

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Vienna Summa Cum Laude Youth Music Festival (Austria)

The SCL is surely one of the most popular and acclaimed youth music festival which gathers a thousand young talents from all over the world in Vienna, the capital of music, to perform and compete in the world´s most celebrated classical concert venues: the Golden Hall of the Musikverein & the Wiener Konzerthaus. Held in such a buzzing city with all its rich musical history and heritage, a week of great musiking at SCL is truly a once-in-a-life-time event for musicians of our future to be part of. Apart from the competitions, musicians also enjoy workshops of the ‘SCL Academy’ which would take place at the Vienna University

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of Music with members of the jury. All in all, the SCL is an unparalleled opportunity for musical exchanges and international friendship building.


Cantemus International Choral Festival (Nyíregyháza, Hungary)

Cantemus International Choral Festival in Hungary, founded by the pre-eminent Hungarian choral maestero Dénes Szabó,is one of the world’s most influential and critically acclaimed of its kind The Festival is presented every two years by the Cantemus Choral Institute. Applauded for its extremely high standards and the connections with the distinguished Cantemus Choirs, the Festival has attracted the world’s best choirs to compete and exchange for a week in the city of Nyíregyháza, Hungary over the years. The Institute boasts seven top-of-the-world choirs and their members consist of pupils who learn music with the Kodály Methods at the Kodály School. Apart from its highly respected competitions and masterclasses with Dénes Szabó and other experts, another highlighted element of the Festival is the concerts by the Cantemus Choirs, (e.g. Cantemus Children’s Choir, Cantemus Mixed Choir, Pro Musica Girls’ Choir etc.) who have, since their foundation in 1975, gained worldwide reputation for their quality and successes on various international competition and performance platforms.

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International Youth Music Festival (Bratislava, Slovakia)

The International Youth Music Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia, is fully supported by the European Choral Association and is jointly presented with the government of Bratislava and Bratislava Music Agency. As one of Europe’s most recognized festivals, participating groups will at once benefit from, and at the same time contribute to, the rich cultural atmosphere and the artistic heritage of the city of Bratislava. Each group, especially choirs, will have ample opportunities to perform in concert halls, ornate churches and historical city centres. This unique musical and cultural experience, attracting and talented musicians from around the world, will surely inspire musicians as they perform and learn together in Bratislava – the city of dreams.



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International Choral Festival of Choral Art “The Singing World”
(St. Petersburg, Russia)

Fully supported by the European Choral Association, “The Singing World” is an annual festival under the auspices of The Committee for Culture and The State Academic Capella of St. Petersburg. In the past 14 years, the Festival has established itself as a bright, distinctive and competitive choral forum with its original and unique characters and traditions. Through creating and encouraging a welcoming atmosphere for top-tier musical and repertoire exchange, the Festival promotes the arts of choral singing and attracts talented choirs from all over the world. As the “Music Capital of Eastern Europe”, St Petersburg is a city with rich history and cultural heritage No wonder why it has nurtured numerous renowned composers like Tchaikovsky!

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International Choral Kathaumixw Festival (British Columbia, Canada)

The International Choral Kathaumixw in Canada is a 5-day choral festival filled with concerts, mass choral singing, choral & vocal solo competitions, conductor’s seminars and social events. In conjunction with the Powell River Academy of Music, all can learn and experience a diverse spectrum of worldwide choral personalities in the Festival. Set in a beautiful and heavenly coast located 80 miles away from Vancouver, the town of Powell River is a place with intoxicating nature, where music is in the air; where language poses no boundaries; where people of different cultures and countries gather to share the common language of song, peace and love.

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The “Choir of the World” totem pole for the overall winner of Kathaumixw (carved especially by Craig Galligos of the local Tla'amin First Nation people).


The Golden Gate International Choral Festival (San Francisco, USA)

One of America’s most celebrated gatherings of young singers, the Golden Gate attracts choirs from all over the world to perform, compete, and build international friendships in the San Francisco Bay Area. Organised approximately every three years, it stands as one of the very few top-tier competitions in the States providing intellectual exchanges on an international level. Since its founding, the Festival has brought more than thousands of musicians from some 20 countries together in friendship and harmony to perform for more than 50,000 audience from Northern California. The Festival places special emphasis on building a community among the participants. Apart from the daily mass choir rehearsals, participants will stay at homestay in the local community, immersing themselves in the American culture.

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European Music Festival for Young People (Neerpelt, Belgium)

Each year around late April and early May, Neerpelt is the home town of the European Music Festival for Young People, an annual musical feast which is alternately organized for choirs and for instrumental ensembles. Each year, four to six thousand young people from Europe and from all over the world render the colourful and flag-brightened streets in an international atmosphere of fraternization and great enthusiasm. Apart from the Jury Concerts evaluated by an international jury, the public can enjoy all kinds of ‘Happenings’ and evening concerts. The absolute peak are the proclamations and the laureate concerts, performed by the best groups of the day. This unique combination of fraternization

and professional evaluation through musical arts ensure that participants can undertake worldwide exchanges and build international friendships.

Cork International Choral Festival (Ireland)

Founded in 1954 to be a dynamic force in developing choral music in Ireland, the Cork International Choral Festival is held annually in early May. The Festival takes place in dozens of venues across the city, including Cork’s City Hall (capacity 1,000) - one of the most attractive and acoustically superb venues in Ireland. One of Europe’s premier international choral Festivals, it is noted for its diverse programme, high competitive standards, excellent organisation, and the friendliness of its welcome. Each year some of the finest amateur international choirs are selected to compete for the prestigious Fleischmann International Trophy. The selected choirs also have an opportunity to perform noncompetitively in a range of Festival activities throughout the week,

including fringe concerts, church and informal performances. A Meet and Greet session and Festival club is also organised to allow participants to get to know each other and to meet informally in a convivial social setting.


European Grand Prix for Choral Singing

Béla Bartók International Choir Competition [Debrecen, Hungary] 

Concorso Polifonico Guido d’ Arezzo [Arezzo, Italy] 

Florilège Vocal de Tours [Tours, France] 

International May Choir Competition [Varna, Bulgaria]

Certamen Coral de Tolosa [Tolosa, Spain] 

International Choral Competition Maribor [Maribor, Slovenia]

Around July every two years

Late August every year

 Late May every year

Mid May every year

Late October every year

Around May every two years

The European Grand Prix for Choral Singing is an annual choral competition since 1988. It is open only to the six Grand Prix winners of the top six European choral competitions. Entry to the European Grand Prix and the top six competitions are by invitation from their respective artistic committee only.

Prof. Leon Shiu-wai Tong, our Artistic Director, is familiar with the artistic standards and regulations of four of top six European Choral Competitions. He was the first Chinese adjudicator at the International Choral Competition Maribor in Slovenia (2012) and International May Choir Competition in Bulgaria in (2013). Under his leadership, the Guangzhou Children’s Palace Choir was awarded champion in the Children Category at Certamen Coral de Tolosa in Spain in 2011. In 2016, we brought the Marymount Secondary School Choir to represent Hong Kong China to participate in the Béla Bartók International Choir Competition, where they were awarded Champion in the Youth Category and Best Interpretation Prize out of choirs from over 20 countries.

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World Youth and Children’s Choir Festival – Hong Kong

The World Youth and Children’s Choir Festival has become one of the most anticipated biennial global event for choral performances, competitions and cultural exchanges in the Asia Pacific region. Over the past 20 years, the Festival has received critical reviews and has attracted over 200 choirs worldwide to unite in Hong Kong – a perfect platform for universal experts, scholars, teachers and students to take part and exchange in a choral festival of international standards. In 2015, 27 internationally acclaimed judges and maestros hosted workshops, and 4 world-famous choirs performed, attracting over 15,000 visitors from all around the globe to participate in the Festival. The 2013 edition was ranked among the “Top 10 Music Headlines” by RTHK Radio 4, which rendered the Festival the most influential choir event in Hong Kong. Highlights of 2017 Festival include: Original Musical – Hong Kong Express (performed by members of the Hong Kong Treble Choir), International Starry Concerts, International Choir Competitions and the HKSAR 20th Anniversary Celebration Concert.


International Choral Festival of Preveza (Preveza, Greece)

The International Choral Festival of Preveza counts its 35 interesting and exciting years of high quality choral music, attracting excellent choirs and interested participants from all over the world to compete as well as promoting intercultural exchanges. The Festival consists of numerous concerts held at idyllic locations such as the seaside fortress of Preveza and the historic Ancient Auditorium of Nikopolis “Odeon”. Preveza provides an opportunity not only to perform but also to experience some of the world’s best choral music, indulge in the atmosphere and enjoy the picturesque city of Preveza and its surroundings.

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City of Derry International Choir Festival
(Derry, Ireland)

Created as a joyous celebration of choral music-making, the 5-day City of Derry International Choir Festival provides a competitive opportunity for a wide range of ensembles and ages. Aside from the competitive focus, the City of Derry comes alive with pop-up performances, high-quality concerts by some of the world’s most renowned choirs and vocal ensembles, and educational activities, providing a celebration of everything choral music has to offer in this historic City of Song.

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