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Musica & WYCCAA*

Our Global Visions and Objectives

  • To build and serve as a global platform which facilitates musical and cultural exchanges through choral arts among choral experts, conductors, music teachers, students and lovers.

  • To foster the full development of youth and children through choral singing.

  • To pursue and advocate for perfection in the choral singing spirit – through which we celebrate love, peace and cultural diversity, nurturing a new generation of music ambassadors and artists.

*World Youth and Children Choral Artists’ Association

Building upon the enormous success and reputation that MC & WYCCAA have achieved through organizing the World Youth and Children’s Choir Festival in Hong Kong, we have become a major musical and cultural exchange partner with many respected music institutions, festivals and competitions around the world

Partners with internationally renowned tour agencies, designing and executing fully customized itineraries with a perfect blend of music learning, exchanges, performances and cultural heritage excursions, delivering a comprehensive and inspiring experience of our musical and multi-cultural world to students today and musicians tomorrow


Highly experienced and specialized in organizing overseas music tours and educational trips – we are the first organization in Hong Kong which is authorized and widely endorsed for recommending and taking choirs & orchestras to prestigious festivals and competitions

Our team of Worldwide Professional Consultants strives to provide each group with

  • Competition-specific programming advise

  • Masterclasses and workshops before the competition to get the groups into their best possible shape for the competitions

Our Artistic Director, Professor Leon Shiu-wai Tong regularly adjudicates at many top-tier international contests and fully understands the artistic standards and requirements of today’s competitions

Highly experienced in organizing large-scale musical events – e.g. organizing concert tours for international performing groups, the biennial World Youth and Children’s Choir Festival (Hong Kong), the China International Chorus Festival and IFCM World Choral Summit in 2012 etc.


Professor Leon Shiu-wai Tong

“I have a dream – to share love and peace with the world through music exchange."


Professor Leon Shiu-wai Tong is an internationally renowned choral expert who spares no effort to advocate for international choral music development and education. Having worked as a conductor, speaker and adjudicator in over 40 countries, Professor Tong has exerted profound influences in shaping the present choral music environment and establishing a huge network of choral artists in Hong Kong and further afield.


  • President, World Youth and Children Choral Artists’ Association

  • Artistic Director, World Youth and Children’s Choir Festival

  • Artistic Director, Belt & Road World Choir Festival

  • Former First Vice-president, International Federation for Choral Music

  • The first Chinese adjudicator in two of the top-six European choral competitions*

  • The only international adjudicator at the Japan Schools Choir Competition 2014

  • Founder and President, Hong Kong Treble Choirs’ Association

  • Artistic Director and Principal Conductor, Hong Kong Treble Choir

  • Former Artistic Director and Principal Conductor, Hong Kong Children’s Choir

  • Choral Artistic Director of McDull Series Animation “The Pork of Music” Cantonese and Mandarin versions

  • Artistic Director and Principal Conductor, Guangzhou Children’s Palace Choir

  • Distinguished Professor, Xihua University

  • Visiting Professor, Tianjin University, Sichuan University of Media and Communications, Huadong University, Shanxi Normal University

  • Honorary Chairman, China Colleges Chorus Committee

  • Award for Arts Achievement (Music) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. (2007)

  • China Treble Choir Achievement Award from the China Chorus Association (2004)

  • Listed in Who is Who in Choral Music, a book about world-wide influential choral experts

* International Choral Competition Maribor and International May Choir Competition, Varna, Bulgaria

Worldwide Professional Consultants X Management Team


MC & WYCCAA’s Worldwide Professional Consultants are world-respected experts who play pivotal roles in a number of international music institutions and projects

Working seamlessly together to promote worldwide music exchanges, provide consultancy services, organize masterclasses and professional coachings

Europe - France







Mr. Jacques Vanherle

Honorary Advisor, WYCCAA

Former Board Member, International Federation for Choral Music

President and Artistic Director of Polyfollia

Europe - Hungary







Mr. Gábor Móczár

Honorary Advisor, WYCCAA

President, European Choral Association – Europa Cantat







Mr. Dénes Szabó

World-leading choral music expert

Founder & Director, Cantemus Choral Institute

Conductor, Cantemus Children’s Choir







Mr. Soma Szabó

Artistic Director, Cantemus Choral Institute

Conductor, Cantemus Mixed Choir







Dr. Zoltán Pad

Choral Director, Vienna Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic

Chief Conductor, Hungarian Radio Choir

Associate Professor, Liszt Academy


Africa - South Africa






Prof. Martin Berger

Vice President, WYCCAA

Head of Choral Music Studies, Stellenbosch University

North America - U.S.A







Dr. Brady Allred

Vice President, WYCCAA

Artistic Director and Conductor, Salt Lake Choral Artists







Dr. Tim Sharp

Honorary Advisor, WYCCAA

Executive Director,  American Choral Directors Association

Asia - South Korea







Dr. Hakwon Yoon

Honorary President, WYCCAA

Advisor, International Federation for Choral Music

Former Chief Director, Korean Federation for Choral Music

Artistic Director and Principal Conductor, Incheon City Chorale

Asia -China







Professor Da-peng Meng

Vice President, WYCCAA

Chairman, Children’s Chorus

Committee of the China Chorus Association

Permanent Conductor, Chinese National Radio Children's Choir

Latin America - Venezueia







Dr. Cristian Grases

Vice President, WYCCAA

Board Member, International Federation for Choral Music

International Renowned Children Choral Expert

Associate Professor, University of Southern California

Asia - Japan







Mr. Keiichi Asai

Former President, Japan Choral Association

Conductor, Kyoto Echo Choir

Europe - Slovakia







Dr. Milan Kolena


Vice President, WYCCAA

Director, Bratislava Music Agency

Internationally renowned music festivals and our artistic exchanges partners

We work intimately with various art and music organizations to promote music development and international cultural exchanges.

The King’s Singers

The King’s Singers Summer School

Johannes Brahms Musikschule Mürzzuschlag

International Music Course

European Choral Association


Europa Cantat

So Me Travel

“Austrian Master Classes” – Music Castle Summer Camps

Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music

Lizst Academy Short Music Programme

International Academy of Musical Arts (Australia) 

Summer Music Programme

Teachers’ Professional

Development Programme

World Projects South Pacific

Australian International Music Festival (Sydney)  

Summa Cum Laude

International Youth Music Festival (Vienna, Austria) 


Cantemus Choral Institute (Hungary)

Cantemus International Choral Festival 

Bratislava Music Agency (Bratislava, Slovakia)   

International Youth Music Festival

“Inter Aspect” Centre of International Cooperation

International Festival of Choral Art “ Singing World” (St Petersburg, Russia)

Powell River Academy of Music

International Choral Kathaumiuw (Powell River, Canada)

Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir


The Golden Gate International Choral Festival (San Francisco, USA)   

Europees Muziekfestival voor de Jeugd Neerpelt

European Music Festival for Young People]

Cork International Choral Festival

Hong Kong Treble Choir

World Youth and Children’s Choir Festival  

Hong Kong Treble Choirs’ Association

World Youth and Children’s Choir Festival – Hong Kong

Hong Thai Study Tour Centre

MC & WYCCAA’s Music Tours Strategic Partner

open weekend at the magical workshop of Cantemus